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Need a fish tank, a pump for your aquarium, or anything related? Tired of endless hours spent on online shopping? We know you are. First, you need to find a reliable online shop, then you scroll the pages down in search of something decent, read the information from the manufacturer, customer feedback, whatnot. Eventually, it may turn out that the feedback was fake, and there’s much better models in other online stores.

To avoid this happening and in order to save your time, we’ve created this site. Here, you can rest assured that all the hard work has been done for you: we’ve done the research and eliminated all the low-quality products you may come across.

How do we do it?

Our expert team spends tens of hours on initial research. We dive into the topic to get an idea of what exactly to look for. Next, we use our findings and analyzing tools (such as FakeSpot) to narrow down the list of potentially good products to the most reliable and noteworthy ones. The expert team makes sure everything is taken into consideration including the product’s sales stats, customer feedback, and price.

The chosen products then go to our testing department. We need to make sure the product is capable of what the manufacturer claims. Otherwise, it’s not included into our list.

Each product receives its score after being tested. This way, we compile our own, unprejudiced rating which involves our own findings as well.

After that, the review results go to our editorial team. Experienced writers and editors do their best to present all the obtained information in a comprehensive, well-organized way. This is how each of our review articles is born.

Our team

Roxanne Champion

Roxanne Champion

Research Writer

Roxanne is our irreplaceable writer who can make any topic fun and enjoyable to read. Happily married and has two wonderful kids who she likes to read fairy tales to before putting them to sleep.

Stephen Watkins

Stephen Watkins

Expert Consultant

Stephen is an owner of several aquarium supplies shops in New York. Like no one else, he knows how to pick the perfect fish tank or any aquarium accessory from pump to artificial decorative plants.

David Ellis

David Ellis


David is a mere genius when it comes to IT and SEO. He’s also a wonderful musician; electric guitar is his main hobby when not working on the computer.

Affiliate program

We are not sponsored by any particular brand. You, however, can help us develop our project by buying something clicking on a relevant “Check Price” button. This way, we’ll get a commission which helps us to create more useful content on this site. The amount of each commission doesn’t differ within brands or models. It means we don’t have any interest in promoting a product that doesn’t live up to the hype around it.

Ask us anything

Leave a comment in the box below any of the articles to share your opinion, experience or ask a question. Also, you can send your questions to the editorial team which is always ready to consult you on anything related to aquariums and matching accessories: [email protected].