6 Best Aquarium Heater Controllers to Make Your Life Easier

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Picked By Fish is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.
Picked By Fish is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links.

What makes the best aquarium heater controller stand out from the rest? Is it the power, size, purpose, or the temperature control range? Many people keep wondering which is the best aquarium heater to can buy is. The reality is that it depends on many varying factors. You realize the water in the aquarium is boiling, meaning your treasured fish is no more.

Finding your fish boiled sounds strange, but it is a common experience. If your heater runs for long-hours, then that is a likely occurrence. Your fish is at the risk of being overheated. That is why you so direly need an aquarium heater controller. It is a handy device that will go a long way in saving the life of your fish. This buying guide takes you through the details of what it takes to buy the best aquarium heater in the vast market.

Top 6 Aquarium Heater Controllers Review 2021


Inkbird ITC-308Editor’s Choice

  • Purpose: heating and cooling
  • Temperature control range: 50~120°C /-58~248°F
  • Power: 110V 10A 1100W
  • Size: 7.6 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches

More features: convenient design; safe; buzzer alarm; dual display window; dual relay output

The device is designed to allow you to use it easily. The dual relay output enables you to connect the heating equipment as well as refrigeration simultaneously. The dual display allows you to see the measured temperature and the set temperature at the same time. It is the best aquarium heater temperature, controller.

You get low and high-temperature alarms when the temperature is over or when the device has an issue. The device has a maximum output load of 110v. The temperature calibration, as well as the compressor delay, protects your refrigeration.

It is a reliable, easy to use dual relay temperature controller. You can use it for over-temperature protection and automatic control system.

What makes it stand out? It is equipped with a dual-display window that can display measured temperature and the set temperature simultaneously.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? Taking into account how precisely it manages the temperature and has a programmable value, you will experience difficulties programming it without the sheet on your pass.


Inkbird C929APremium Pick

  • Purpose: heating
  • Temperature control range: 20.0~35.0℃/68.0~95.0℉
  • Power: 10A 120V 1200W
  • Size: 5.5 x 3.3 x 2.7 inches

More features: dual-probe; dual protection; APP Notification; continuous heating alarm; LCD

If you are looking for an aquarium heat controller compatible with various kinds of heaters, then Inkbird C929A got your back. It is a high-power aquarium temperature controller that works excellently, and it doesn’t need you to assemble it; just plug it, and it starts working.

The device has a dual-probe aquarium temperature controller, which gives an alarm in case of temperature changes. You will get a notice at the same time.

Besides, the aquarium has dual relays, which ensures that it is possible to turn off the power in any circumstances hence protecting your fish from being hurt by extreme temperature.

The app notification will let you know in case of any exemptions, and the same will appear on the app. You will also get a message reminding you of the app.

The temperature controller has a continuous heating alarm which you can set according to your preferences.

Why are we impressed? The heater controller is equipped with a dual relay controlling, one for control output and smother for abnormal protection, which ensures you are capable of switching off the power under any circumstances.

What negatives must you be aware of? If the device had real alarming, it could be better. If only it sent emails or text messages depending on the alarm.

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Inkbird ITC-306TBest Design

  • Purpose: heating
  • Temperature control range: 50~99 ℃/-58 ~ 210 °F
  • Power: 10A 110V 1100W
  • Size: 7.6 x 4.2 x 3.4 inches

More features: dual time cycle setting; ergonomic design; dual display window

The device has a cycle timer which runs for 24 hours. You can set the heating thermostat at two different temperatures using its dual function from the day and night, which makes it suitable for the animals’ physiological needs. It is, therefore, ideal for planting and breeding.

You can use it for overheat protection since it has an automatic temperature control system for various kinds of electrical appliances for aquarium, pets, breeding, accelerating seed germination and fungus fermenting. The plug-and-play design makes it a convenient device which easy to use. The dual-window display makes it possible to display both measured temperature as well as the set temperature simultaneously.

What are our favorite features? The device is a thermostatically controlled outlet that makes it a reliable tool.

What could be better? If only the heat lamps could turn on and off when they need to, but they don’t.

  • Purpose: heating
  • Temperature control range: not specified
  • Power: 110-120V
  • Size: 6.26 x 3.66 x 2.09 inches

More features: automatic stop and restart; built-in thermometer; durable quartz glass; fully submersible

Hygger Mini is a product that is designed to suit small as well as medium-sized tanks. The heater is safe and durable, with a remarkable ability to resist high temperatures. It can serve you for up to 3years while using it in a freshwater environment.

Besides, it has a led indicator light. The indicator turns red when the heater is heating and turns off when the heating stops.

It is a reliable heater that will maintain the temperature as you have set it. It stops heating once the set temperature is attained and restarts heating once the temperature falls below.

The device protects your aquarium from overheating as it automatically shuts off when a given temperature is attained. You can easily adjust the temperature using the control knob to set it at your preferred temperature.

The device is fully submersible in water. It is waterproof and must be fully submerged in water when working. You can place it vertically or horizontally at the water intake point or water flow.

What makes it special? It has overheat protection feature, which will shut off once the set water temperature is attained.

What cons did we find? Doesn’t heat water above a given temperature. For a cooler house, it would be better if it would heat water to higher temperatures.

  • Purpose: heating
  • Temperature control range: 64℉-93℉
  • Power: 110-120V/60Hz
  • Size: 6.1 x 6 x 2.1 inches

More features: LED display; submersible; high-quality materials; protects dry burn control system; safe and reliable; external controller; built-in thermometer; easy to use

It is a submersible heater that will suitably work with 6.5-13 gallons of water in the fish tank. When the temperature gets below the set value, the heater automatically heat-up until the set temperature is attained, and it stops. Its shape makes it suitable for small aquarium tanks. It is made of high-quality material and boasts a scientific design. It has a plastic shell; it can effectively isolate a given part of the temperature and prevent scalding fish. It works well for both salty and freshwater. It is the best aquarium temperature controller for the saltwater tank.

Equipped with the led display, you can easily see the water temperature of the fish tank. Green Light shows that temperature is constant; a yellow light indicates the heater has a fault. It is easy to use. Just press a button until you achieve the preferred temperature value.

What are its best features? The device has light indicators with a green light indicating that temperature is constant while yellow light shows the heater is faulty.

What could be improved? If only it could have a wide temperature range, it could be better.


LUYS Aquarium HeaterVersatile

  • Purpose: heating
  • Temperature control range: 62-93℉
  • Power: 300W/500W
  • Size: 12.99 x 1.38 x 1.77 inches

More features: suitable for marine saltwater and freshwater; over-temperature protection; explosion-proof Quartz material; rapid heating system

It is yet another intelligent water sensor that is capable of protecting against overheating. The device has a unique water temperature sensor. The indicator light turns green to indicate safety to the user while protecting your aquatic animals.

Rapid heating system- the heating tube can conduct heat quickly while in full contact with water to achieve fast heating of the water.

The led display shows the temperature of the fish’s controller and shows the water temperature using two red LED lights. It displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, which you can display by pressing and then holding the button for a few seconds. You only need to set the temperature by pressing the button repeatedly until you get your preferred temperature.

The device works efficiently for a wide range of aquariums. You can use it in the fish market to maintain the freshness of your fish. You can also use it in fish tanks, fish ponds where you keep your fish. It is easy to install the heater and get it working.

What stands out? You can switch from Fahrenheit and Celsius. You will only need to press and hold the temperature button on the lead thermostat to convert to either Celsius or Fahrenheit, which is very simple.

What cons did we manage to find? If it could be an outdoor heater, it could be better.

Things to Consider

The aquarium at your home has cold-blooded animals that depend on the water’s temperature to maintain their body temperature. Therefore, you will be required to avail some heat for your aquarium to maintain the right temperature for the animals. You’ll also need to choose the best type of heater to suit your needs depending on your setup. Considering factors such as power, size, purpose, and temperature control range, we have analyzed the best aquarium heat controller for you.

Why do you need to use an aquarium heater controller?

The chances are that the aquarium heat controller you have in your house has a thermostat in it. Therefore, after reaching a given temperature, it will automatically turn off. How essential is the temperature heat controller for your aquarium? Some of the main reasons you can find below.

  • Heater may be not in a good working condition

Heaters tend to malfunction from time to time. Your heater could be in bad working conditions due to a fault while manufacturing, electrical fault, or other causes. But the aquarium heater has low chances of failing; however, if it fails, you will experience a loss with your plans and fish. Therefore, the aquarium temperature controller comes in handy to save you from the mess in advance. Once the water gets to a given temperature that you have set, the heater’s power is turned off.  Besides, if the aquarium heater has a thermostat, the temperature controller will provide additional safety.

  • They have a quality thermostat and sensor

Despite their size, the modern aquarium heater has a thermostat, heater element, and sensor that only takes a minimal space. The unfortunate bit is that these components aren’t accurate. In case you are rearing the susceptible fish, you will need a very accurate device to determine the water temperature. That is why the controller is vital. It measures and gives correct temperatures for the measurement of the water temperature.

  • Help replicate the natural environment

The aquarium heat controller is vital in the aquarium as it helps create a natural environment and water conditions that suit your fish’s survival. The controller will help raise or lower the temperature according to the needs of your species. Through the in-built thermostat, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature. Changes in the temperature can cause stress on the fish, which may result in damages if exposed to stress for long hours, hence the need to regulate the temperature as per their requirement. Maintaining a consistent water temperature replicates the natural environment making it ideal for the survival of fish.

6 Best Aquarium Heater Controllers to Make Your Life Easier

Features to consider before you buy an aquarium heater controller

Some places experience low temperatures, which is not avoidable. You don’t face a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water in the cold weather as it happens in hot climates. The extremely low temperatures aren’t comfortable for your fish or plants. The plants and fish endure low temperatures, which may result in death. Therefore, you will need to device a way of coping with such kind of a climate. The most appropriate way is through the use of an aquarium heater directly. But how do you ensure you get the best aquarium heater from the market? Here are some essential factors you need to put into account.


Depending on your location, the room temperature may be so low than your desire. It is only in summer and tropical countries where you won’t require heating. Heater thermostats heat the water to the temperature you have set before automatically switching off. That way, you can maintain the required temperature of the water. Inkbird ITC-308 has both heating and cooling features. Some aquarium dwellers prefer temperatures as low as around 22 degrees, while others can withstand as high as 28 degrees though for a short time. However, a variety of tropical fish and plants will be uncomfortable at high temperatures. Therefore, you will need to find a way to reduce the temperature.

With a heat controller, the temperature can automatically switch in case your set temperature is exceeded.

Temperature control range

While buying the best heater, you should also consider acquiring one with a temperature control range that suits your fish. Many of the brands of heaters have a temperature range that you can easily adjust. That makes most of them suitable options for you since you can modify and alter the temperature accordingly. Inkbird C929A has a wide temperature control range to suit your needs.  

Sometimes, the fish you buy requires a companion, which might force you to keep modifying the aquarium to accommodate them continuously.


It is an essential factor since it is how the fish will be able to get accommodated in getting temperature efficiency. Aquarium heaters vary in settings as well as power voltage. The average power voltage ranges from 25w to 300w. Inkbird ITC-306T has a power range of 10A, 110V 1100V. The basic concept states that higher power generates higher heat, which gets the fish calm in terms of radiating warmth.

Different aquarium heaters brands bear varying ranges of power, which guarantees that at least one will suit your needs. You power the aquarium according to the way you think will work best for your fish.


In case the manufacturer specifies the number of gallons your heater can warm with the specific temperature you want to attain; you should adhere to the speciations. Hygger Mini Inline Quartz Glass Aquarium Heater measures 6.26 x 3.66 x 2.09 inches. Besides, you can consider the rule of 1w for every liter of water. However, if you need a larger heater and have space, you can get another one.

Temperature accuracy

The aquarium heaters are designed to give accurate temperature ranges, which helps you to know how specific a heater is. Varying fish have different temperature requirements, with temperature accuracy being an essential factor. Inkbird ITC-308 has a dual display window for the temperature, making it accurate for your temperature readings.

Huge temperature variations may result in damages for the fish in your aquarium. Therefore, it calls for extra caution to protect the life of the animal.

Heater length

The heater length is vital since heat rises from time to time. Usually, the heater length should match the height of your aquarium. Hygger Mini Inline Quartz Glass Aquarium Heater is 5 inches long.


Your temperature controller needs some maintenance; otherwise, it might end up not working correctly. So, which are some of the issues you may encounter as you work with a temperature controller? The temperature controller may be continuously venting. You may notice once you hear a hissing sound from the controller. You should ensure it is running from a high as well as a dry spot. Use a detachable socket. In case you want to remove a temperature controller, ensure you use a detachable socket. It allows you to remove a temperature controller to carry out repairs.

It is essential to consider the right installation for the heater in the aquarium. You should place the heater near the inlet/outlet or the circulation pump to allow even heat circulation. You can install a submersible aquarium horizontally at the tank’s bottom to allow for the best results. You can as well place it horizontally if that is what you prefer. Ensure the decorations aren’t near to allow for free water circulation around it. Once installed, take about 30 minutes before plugging it in. always make use of the Drip loop and ensure the cord and the plug are dry as you plug your heater.

Our Verdict

In this article, we have looked at the many factors that you will need to consider when thinking about aquarium heaters controller for your fish at home. Noting the drastic impact that temperature changes can have on fish, it is essential to control temperature changes in their environment. We liked the Inkbird ITC-308 since it has a convenient design and as well as safe to use. Following a thorough review of the best aquarium heater controller, the editor’s choice is Inkbird ITC-308. It has heating and cooling features, which make it suitable for your preferred temperature control range. It also has a convenient design, which makes it safe to use. The best value is Hygger Mini Quartz Aquarium Hester, it is equipped with automatic restart and stop, a built-in thermometer, and durable. The premium pick is Inkbird C929A. It gives dual protection as well as a continuous heating alarm and LCD.

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